How to keep your home organized without stress!


Here are my top tips on how to keep your home clean and clutter free at all times & without any stress!

Get rid of things you don’t use or don’t need.:

I went room by room,  got rid of stuff that was broken, didn’t fit me anymore, wasn’t my style, all the broken toys, overload of stuffed animals, incomplete games that all had to go out… I was even able to sell some stuff on eBay. It is so much better to have 1 proper nice bag then having 5 old-fashioned ugly bags that don’t fit your style anymore.

I made a few piles:


Everything that I own has a designated place.:

This makes it so much easier to clean up.  I always try to return the things to their allocated location immediately after the use. The worst is when things pile up.

I make sure the living room is always well organized and cleaned.

We like to relax in the living room, watch some movies after the kids went to bed and there is nothing more frustrating then having to relax on a sofa covered in toys, books, snacks, things.

I make sure to return the things where they belong and in general we use our living room as a relaxation room not a play room. However there are always a few toys that are permanently stored in my living room, this way the kids also feel they are part of our home and are not bored when spending their time in here. I like to feel their presence everywhere around.

We always clean the kitchen after the meals

I try not to put the dirty plates and dishes in a sink but directly in a dishwasher! I start the dishwasher in the evening and I can empty it out before going to bed or before our breakfast.

We don’t have carpets (only in the kids rooms – but they are not so thick and easy to maintain)

We have wooden floor and tiles all round and I can just quickly hoover or wipe the floor if needed. The carpets in kids rooms are not expensive so in case they get super filthy they can always be replaced. But till now they are in a perfect shape.

I hang most of our clothes!

I hang all my t-shirts, shirts, cardigans , dresses.

I fold: Jeans, sport clothes, underwear.

I fold the clothes directly after they have been dried in a dryer – I usually don’t have to iron them.

I only iron fancy and dressy clothes or shirts – life is too short to spend it ironing.


I do our family laundry everyday – we are a family of 4 with two small kids and things pile up so quickly – I rather wash a load a day and then I have no stress.

We pick up the toys every evening. My son has a Kallax shelf system from Ikea with boxes –  There is a box where all the cars go, a box with Lego, a box with Brio trains, a box with puzzle so it is easy to clean up. There is also enough space for books. I just love this system. It is cheep and practical.

My daughter has a lot of  PlayMobil , My little Pony figures and Barbie dolls, We have a few plastic boxes where she stores the little figures.

We have a special cupboard where we store all our arts supplies, including colors, playdoh etc. We make sure to clean and return the supplies where they belong after usage.

I don’t sweat the small things!

It happens to all – we get sick, the kids are tired, there was too much work, no energy etc.

For clean-up emergancies I have an empty white basket from Aldi and I just throw all the things that are flying around our home in this basket. I can sort the mess when there is more appropriate timing. It is easy as I know where every single thing in my home belongs and I got rid of all the clutter.

I can recommend you a few authors and websites where I find my inspiration to keeping my home clutter free and easy to maintain:


Let me know what are you tips on keeping a cozy, clean and organized home.

@ Hannovermom