Easy bannana bread from pantry leftovers ( NO FLOUR, NO SUGAR!)

  • 2 eggs
  • 2 very ripe bananas
  • 1 small yogurt ( greek, bulgarian, soya, almond ….) or a cup of water or milk (cow, soya,almomd…)
  • any leftover nuts, dried fruit, chia seeds, coconut flakes ….
  • agave sirup or honey
  • 1 1/2 cup oats

Mix all in a bowl into a dough ( it will be liquid), then bake in greesed bannana bread form 180C for 30 – 40 mins.


@ Hannovermom



Breakafast oats my way

This is my favourite breakfast these days, because it is easy to make and is very filling.

You will need:

Oats: https://www.alnatura.de/de-de/alnatura-produkte/produktsuche/bio-haferflocken-feinblatt-500g

Soya Yogurth Natur from Alpro or Alnatura: https://www.alnatura.de/de-de/alnatura-produkte/produktsuche/bio-soja-natur-vegan-400g

Fruit of you choice  –  I like to use a half of bannana, kiwi, berries, apples…

Chia seeds: https://www.alnatura.de/de-de/alnatura-produkte/produktsuche/bio-chiasamen-200g

Nuts ( Wallnuts, chopped almonds, pecan nuts…)

Raw honey or Agave syrup: https://www.alnatura.de/de-de/alnatura-produkte/produktsuche/bio-agavendicksaft-in-der-spenderflasche-250ml


Put a bit of soya yogurth in a bowl, top with the oats, chia seeds, fruit, nuts, honey or agave and serve. Then just mix it all together and enjoy.