The best way to cook green asparagus

It is the asparagus season in Germany again. My family including the kids loves green asparagus.  My favorite way to prepare the asparagus is on a pan.

First chop off the hard ends of asparagus – you can even break them off with your hands,

Then you put some olive oil or butter in a skillet, add the asparagus, season with sea salt and roast it for about 3 minutes. The asparagus will be cooked but crispy and will not lose the beautiful intensive green color. We like to add some freshly grated parmesan cheese and decorate with lemon slices or with cooked hard boiled eggs or fresh cherry tomatoes.

Healthy & Tasty! This way the asparagus fits well as a sides dish to steaks or fish. It works well as a light vegetarian dinner if you add the eggs to it.

Let me know how you like to cook asparagus? Do you prefer the white asparagus or the green asparagus?






Day Tox Cleansing Foam – delicate Facial Foam: my review

  • My skin  type: 29 yr. old / acne prone with larger pores

  • Price of the product: 9.99 Euro for 150 ml

Delicate Facial foam ( BioDtox, Meadowfoam Oil, Almond Oil)

How to use it: Lather with warm water and massage into face and neck. Then rinse off

This product feels very nice on my skin, in makes me feel very clean and keeps the skin soft. I also like the clean smell it has. The texture is not as usual cleansing products – it is a gentle foam that feels very special when you apply it on your skin. I have been using this product for about 2 weeks every morning and every evening and my skin works well with this foam.I follow my routine with miceral water and my night or day cremes. My pores are not as huge, I get less blackheads and acne ever since I have been using this product. With some cheeper drug store products my skin was a bit red but with DayTox Foam I did not notice this issue. Thanks to the foam texture i don’t need to use a lot of the product. I would totally repurchase it – the price is also Okish. You can buy this product at Douglas. This review is based on my honest opinion and works well with my skin type.



Healthy vegan chilli stew

It is really cold in Germany right now so I have cravings for comfort food as stews, thick soups etc. This is a very simple one pot meal.


For my healthy vegan chilli stew you will need:
2 sweet potatoes
1 teaspoon cayanne pepper + a  bit extra for sprinkling
1 teaspoon ground cumin + a bit extra for sprinkling
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon + a bit extra for sprinkling
olive oil
1 onion
2 cellery stalks
a hand full of button mushroom
2 cloves garlic
1 green chilli pepper
1 red chilli pepper
1 x 400 g jar of kidney beans
1 x 400g jar of chickpeas
2x 400g jar of cut tomatoes

Preheat the oven to 200˚C
Peel and cut the sweet potatoes into smaller chunks, put them on a baking tray cover with baking peper
Sprinkle the potatoes with some cayanne pepper, cumin and cinammon, sea salt and black pepper
Chop Chillis into tiny pieces
Chop mushrooms and cerllery stalks into chunks
Chop the onions roughly
Chop the garlic into tiny pieces
Heat 2 tablespoon of olive oil in a pot
Add onions, garlic, mushrooms, cellery stalks and cook on medium high heat for about 5 minutes
After 5 minutes add the chilli, the spices and cook for 5 – 10 minutes more, stir occassionaly
Drain the beans and add to the pot
Add the tomatoes
Bring to the boil and reduce to the medium – low and leave to simmer for 25 to 30 minutes, add water if too thick
Add the roasted sweet potatoes and stir
You can decorate with fresh coriander leaves


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Breakafast oats my way

This is my favourite breakfast these days, because it is easy to make and is very filling.

You will need:


Soya Yogurth Natur from Alpro or Alnatura:

Fruit of you choice  –  I like to use a half of bannana, kiwi, berries, apples…

Chia seeds:

Nuts ( Wallnuts, chopped almonds, pecan nuts…)

Raw honey or Agave syrup:


Put a bit of soya yogurth in a bowl, top with the oats, chia seeds, fruit, nuts, honey or agave and serve. Then just mix it all together and enjoy.





Winter Detox / Helathy eating / New Beginning 2017


I was diagonosed with a repetitive Strep infect at end of the year and had to undergo an antibiotical tretment.

After that I somehow felt tired and could barely function during the day. I was super sleepy and I just felt my body was not OK.

I started eating very unhealthy and drinking extreme amounts of coffee, my body was really craving for chocolate, coffein, bread and simple sugars in general.

There were days when I had to drink up to 5 cups of coffee.

I was a real coffee addict.All the Christmas / Winter / New Years parties did not help my situation as I was  beginning to feel bloated and had to even buy a new pair of jeans as my old jeans were getting too tight.

So I decided to start with winter detox. So I am trying to eat a balanced food and excercise more.

This is what my day looks like:

At 6:30 am

with a glass of warm water with some lemon juice

At 7:00 am

I am eating my breakast: oats with yogurth/ skyr/almond milk or soya yogurth with fruit, chia seeds, nuts, raw honey / agave syrup

At 12:00 am

I am eating my lunch – some chicken, fish, rice, wholegrain pasta, qinoa, cous cous, veggies ….and some fruit to cut on the cravings for chocolate.

At 18:00 pm

I am eating dinner – some salad with tuna / chicken / mozarella / veggies/ egg / feta ….


I am snacking some nuts or veggies during the break between the meals and drinking a lot of herbal tea and water. I stopped drinking cofee! I stopped eating bread. And so far after my first week on this clean eating lifestyle I was able to loose 2 Kg and I don’t have the food cravins I had before! I didn’t start excercising yet, but I will begin tomorrow. I plan to excercise at home with our crosstrainner or the Jillian Michaels 30 day shred. I was also recommended the Tracy Anderson Method. There are free videos on youtube with the excercises from both Jillian and Tracy, so I am going to let you know what I chose and how it worked for me.

Please let me know if you have any tricks on how to stay healthy and reboost energy?