Sabon Mud Face Mask for all skin types:


This is the best Mud Mask I have ever tested. It has a very nice creamy consistency and a pleasant clean smell. It does not tighten my skin at all but leaves it silky smooth and clean. You should use this mask once per week and you will notice a dramatic improvement of your acne and blackheads! I discovered this product when I quit smoking and as a result my body was probably getting rid of all the impurities and toxins and I had the worse acne ever. There is 200 ml of product in the jar. I paid about 40 Euros for it. 5 out of 5 stars!



Estèe Lauder Day Wear Matte – REVIEW

Estèe Lauder DayWear Matte: Oil-Control Anti-Oxidant Moisture Gel Creme

My age: 29 years old

Skin type: Acne prone skin with enlarged pores

This creme has a very nice gel / creme texture with a refreshing smell of cucumbers. It promises to control the oil, minimize the shine and reduce the look of enlarged pores.

After applying my skin feels very fresh but not dry at all. It provides a good amount of moisture. The best part is that it does not sit heavily on the face and you can directly apply foundation or any other products on top.

It does not cause new blemishes and makes the skin velvet smooth.

It worsk as a perfect base for my foundation (  btw I love my new foudnation from Rouge Bunny Rouge – reveiw of this product coming up soon).

Sadly there is no SPF in this creme-gel and there is no anti -aging ingredient so not ideal for mature skin.

Otherwise the texture and the smell are just perfect for the summer.

You can buy this creme – gel for 49 Euros – so the price is a bit higher but it does what it promises.

Day Tox Cleansing Foam – delicate Facial Foam: my review

  • My skin  type: 29 yr. old / acne prone with larger pores

  • Price of the product: 9.99 Euro for 150 ml

Delicate Facial foam ( BioDtox, Meadowfoam Oil, Almond Oil)

How to use it: Lather with warm water and massage into face and neck. Then rinse off

This product feels very nice on my skin, in makes me feel very clean and keeps the skin soft. I also like the clean smell it has. The texture is not as usual cleansing products – it is a gentle foam that feels very special when you apply it on your skin. I have been using this product for about 2 weeks every morning and every evening and my skin works well with this foam.I follow my routine with miceral water and my night or day cremes. My pores are not as huge, I get less blackheads and acne ever since I have been using this product. With some cheeper drug store products my skin was a bit red but with DayTox Foam I did not notice this issue. Thanks to the foam texture i don’t need to use a lot of the product. I would totally repurchase it – the price is also Okish. You can buy this product at Douglas. This review is based on my honest opinion and works well with my skin type.