Why I like my life in Hannover

  1. Local people are very down to earth and friendly. Most of the Hannover people feel very real, they like to bike, eat good food and spend their time with their friends and family. Not so many posers and show offs here like in other big German cities J 
  2. They speak the best German (Hochdeutsch) so it makes learning the new language easier
  3. The rents are not as high as in other cities in Germany.
  4. There is a lot of greenery, Hannover is in fact the greenest metropolis in Germany
  5. There are many cultural events taking place here – opera, museums, concerts of big stars, the exhibition, food festivals, fashion events.
  6. There is an U-Bahn in the city and a very good and easy to use public transportation system!
  7. It is very close to Harz – a beautiful mountain resort similar to more known but also more expensive Schwarzwald!
  8. Hannover offers probably the hippest residential areas in Germany – Linden, List, Nordstadt… I used to live in Munich and the famous student- hip area Schwabing has nothing on Hannover’s cultic area Linden! There are many hip boutiques, restaurants, bars and coffee shops and  my favorite Hannah Arendt was from Liden!
  9. Hannover is one of the most advanced medical centers in Germany!  The medical care here is on a very high level.
  10. The location is perfect for travel lovers like me. There is an easy access to many airports besides Hannover Airport – Bremen, Hamburg or Berlin!


I hope you enjoyed my article! Have a nice day and don’t forget to folow me on instagram @hannovermom


One thought on “Why I like my life in Hannover

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