Winter Detox / Helathy eating / New Beginning 2017


I was diagonosed with a repetitive Strep infect at end of the year and had to undergo an antibiotical tretment.

After that I somehow felt tired and could barely function during the day. I was super sleepy and I just felt my body was not OK.

I started eating very unhealthy and drinking extreme amounts of coffee, my body was really craving for chocolate, coffein, bread and simple sugars in general.

There were days when I had to drink up to 5 cups of coffee.

I was a real coffee addict.All the Christmas / Winter / New Years parties did not help my situation as I was  beginning to feel bloated and had to even buy a new pair of jeans as my old jeans were getting too tight.

So I decided to start with winter detox. So I am trying to eat a balanced food and excercise more.

This is what my day looks like:

At 6:30 am

with a glass of warm water with some lemon juice

At 7:00 am

I am eating my breakast: oats with yogurth/ skyr/almond milk or soya yogurth with fruit, chia seeds, nuts, raw honey / agave syrup

At 12:00 am

I am eating my lunch – some chicken, fish, rice, wholegrain pasta, qinoa, cous cous, veggies ….and some fruit to cut on the cravings for chocolate.

At 18:00 pm

I am eating dinner – some salad with tuna / chicken / mozarella / veggies/ egg / feta ….


I am snacking some nuts or veggies during the break between the meals and drinking a lot of herbal tea and water. I stopped drinking cofee! I stopped eating bread. And so far after my first week on this clean eating lifestyle I was able to loose 2 Kg and I don’t have the food cravins I had before! I didn’t start excercising yet, but I will begin tomorrow. I plan to excercise at home with our crosstrainner or the Jillian Michaels 30 day shred. I was also recommended the Tracy Anderson Method. There are free videos on youtube with the excercises from both Jillian and Tracy, so I am going to let you know what I chose and how it worked for me.

Please let me know if you have any tricks on how to stay healthy and reboost energy?





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