Rainy day / bad weather activities in Hanover for kids:

As a mom of 2 very active  kids   I always try to come up with some cool stuff to do in the afternoon or during the weekend even during bad weather days.

Here are some of my tips on what to do in Hannover, Germany when it is rainning cats and dogs:)

Indoor Spielplatz Ballorig:

Indoor Spielplatz / Playground is always the best bet for any active kids. Ballorig in Seelze is my favourite, because I find it really nice and clean. It’s a bit far for us from the List – it takes me about 20 minutes by car to get there but the kids always enjoy it to the max and they offer a lot of activities for younger kids too!


MalZeit – Self painted Pottery

My kids love to paint and are really creative so I find this coffeeshop / Pottery Atelier cool.

Basically the kids can choose a cup, a bowl or a plate and decorate it themselfs with speical paints and then you can pick up the final product in a few days. I will try this activity in the next few weeks and will write a post about our experience.


Library visit:

You can register your kids for free at your local library. This will enable you to borrow books , CDs and DVDs for free for kids. There are also different activities for kids, depending on your location ( e.g.: Reading and singing with babies). There are libraries that even offer an international book and media selection. (I saw some books in English, Russian, Polish, Spanish and Arabic).

Some libraries like the one in my area (List) offer cozy kids corners. A perfect activity for a rainy afternoon.

Here is a list of the libraries in Hanover:


Coffee shop for kids:

There is a tiny  baby / toddler friendly coffeeshop in my area called Das Rockzipfel. I like to take my kids to a special mom and kids date here. We like to share one of their delicious homemade cakes and drink some hot chocolate and chat about their day . There is a mini play corner for smaller babies and kids availabe and a selection of some baby friendly snacks and food. As a new mom you can also feel very welcomed here as most of the guests are parents themself and will not give you evil looks for screaming kids, spilled drinks and public breastfeeding (that is usually anyway not a problem in Gearmany at any place). I was also able to meet some nice parents with kids here, so it is a good place to meet new people when you just moved to Hanover with your kids and feel lonely.


Can you recommend any cool activities for small kids in Hanover during bad weather days? Please comment:)


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